7 Travel Destinations In Morocco You Should Visit

Morocco is a north African country and one of the most touristic destinations in the world, it has welcomed more than 3.5 million tourists from the entire planet in the first quarter of 2019, rising by 6% compared to 2018,

With so many beautiful cities and towns, the travelers get confused about what to choose and where to go when they visit Morocco for the first time,

7 – Tangier City:

Credit: Kaoutar Serroukh

It’s a Mediterranean city located in the north of Morocco, Considered as the port of Africa to Europe, and one of the biggest Moroccan cities economically, and culturally, it has Africa’s first high-speed train line, with breathtaking shops of artisanal goods, Euro-Moroccan restaurants, and long beaches.

6 – Chefchaouen City:

it’s a northwest Moroccan city. known as the blue city and called also “Chaouen”, it’s one of the most touristy places in Morocco, with those fantastic views it is a perfect place to wander and take photos, and if you are looking for a chilling and relaxing area this should be your first choice of course,

5 – Laarache:

Credit: Kaoutar Serroukh

It’s a small town located in the south of Tangier North Morocco, before the colonization of 1911 it was a small trading port of the northern Spanish zone in the past. Not to forget that it’s a 100% summer place due to its amazing beaches and the river of Loukos,

For food lovers, you will be just shocked by the stunning seafront restaurants there.

4 – Fes:

A northeastern Moroccan city, known as the cultural capital because of the first university in the world “University of Karueein” that was founded in 859,

There is so much to see in Fes especially in the Medina “Fes Al Bali” where you can take a walk through the old streets and feel like you are back in time to the 19th century, old shops with artisanal goods, colorful walls and floors, which makes it the best place to take nice shots worth remembering later.

3 – Ouarzazate:

Located in the southeast of Morocco between High Atlas mountains, a very quiet city considered as the gate to the Sahara Desert, called also the African Hollywood due to the huge number of international famous movies that were shot there, with more than 1000 kasbah all over the province,
You can enjoy the amazing sun and the golden sand, ride camels, enjoy the architecture of kasbahs.

2 – Marrakech:

Located in western Morocco, but who doesn’t know Marrakech, we all do right, it was classified as the best travel destination in the world in 2018,

Known by local mint tea, riads, public hammams, and souks, it seems just like a copy past of Fes city, the same tiny streets in the Medina, colorful walls and artisanal shops,
You just fall in love with this masterpiece city, people are just amazing so kind and helpful, it is a must-visit destination for sure.

1 – Dakhla:

Located in the South of Morocco, desert sun sea and sand, you can imagine this amazing piece of art right! well, that is Dakhla City, you can’t resist the charm of the beaches there, it’s just like the Maldives, blue clear seawater, you can meet people all over the world, the most preferred destination for kitesurfing athletes due to the windy weather all over the year,

You will find also world-class hotels, with tasty food and massage.

With all this beauty and charm, Morocco is definitely one of the most countries that worth visiting at least once a life, and these 7 destinations are perfect to start with, do not forget that there are so many other breathtaking places in morocco worth a chance, and remember you will never ever regret visiting this country.