Airline Passenger Wears All Of Her Clothes To Avoid Paying Excess Baggage Fee

Traveling is our passion, is our way to take out the daily stress, going places and seeing new people is a gift should never be ignored, but everything has its own cons,

Air travel nowadays is not really cheap, especially when you can not find a cheap flight to your next destination.

But a passenger from the Philippines decided to lower the flight cost by a weird step, she wore all her clothes instead of putting them in the luggage bag, in order to escape paying the luggage fees,

This facebook post went viral by Gel Rodriguez,

We all know that most airline guidelines allow only 7kgs hand-carry while she’s carrying 9kg in her small suitcase. so she wore 2.5kg of her clothes.

The Facebook post got even more than 34k likes, 1k comments, and 22k shares. with her picture wearing five t-shirts, three pairs of pants and three jackets which were obviously hot and also funny,

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