7 Common Travel Mistakes YOU Should Never Make

Travel is the healthiest addiction, Right!


You definitely love traveling and exploring the world, releasing yourself and feeling free from the daily routine. Maybe it’s a spring break or a honeymoon trip, either traveling alone or with someone else,

You can be just like me, looking for the best travel deals and the most affordable flights, or a classy person looking for first-class flights,

But we forget about a lot of other important things trying to get these travel deals. therefor we make some horrible mistakes we really should avoid,

On the next page YOU are going to discover 9 of the most common travel mistakes that you really should avoid.

7 – Choosing The Wrong Destination:

Choosing the wrong destination is one of the most common mistakes that I have ever made during all my travel trips all over the world, and the funny thing about this mistake is that you will never know if the chosen destination is the wrong one until you get surprised. and then just deal with it.

Here Are: 9 Dangerous Travel Destinations You Should Never Visit

6 – Passport Issues:

This is the most common technical travel problem.

Your passport is your ticket to the rest of the world. without it, you are going nowhere. and you’re gonna miss the flight. you might also face problems at customs.

5 – Not Reading Reviews:

If you really want to know the quality of a hotel, restaurant or even the whole country you are visiting, the only way to do it, is by reading reviews on the internet, reaching some other tourists, that have already been through the experience.

4 – Overpacking:

Overpacking will exhaust you, will take your energy down, you don’t want that, because you need all the power to explore and enjoy as much as you can,

One more thing, FEES! It’s going to cost you a fortune at the airport.

To avoid overpacking, don’t Add Last-Minute Items, always choose smaller bags, and take smaller sizes.

3 – Using expensive money changers:

Exchanging your money at an airport is the same as buying a beer at a baseball game, but with a double price for no reason.

Be smart about it. instead, you can use your debit or credit card, or just make it easier and exchange with your bank before you go.

2 – Not negotiating a taxi rate beforehand:

When you visit a new country, you definitely look stranger for most of the locals, that’s why taxi drivers will always try to scam you proposing higher prices.

Be smart and negotiate everything, and I mean everything.

1 – Taking too many pictures:

Taking pictures for memories in the future and forgetting the present.

LIVE, LIVE the moment, remember why you are traveling, is it really to take pictures and leave!! or to enjoy. to appreciate the life you have.

You can take pictures of course, BUT TOO MANY!!!! NO. LIVE THE MOMENT.