Discover How To Make An Amazing Table Setting By Yourself

Traditionally, rich, warm colors such as fiery reds, golden yellows, and deep orange represent fall.

We love the stunning combinations inspired by changing leaves and late autumn foliage, but this year set out to create a beautiful fall table that strays slightly from the common imagery while maintaining some of our favorite natural elements.

your choice to use a pretty lavender color as your base is meant to embrace the crispness of the new season. your use of fresh white carnations and fall thistle, mixed with the magnificent gourds you can find at local markets and grocers this time of year, is a celebration of the gorgeous autumn crops and harvest.

Remember, this is only your take on a modern table that celebrates fall – use your own imagination and create settings that reflect your own vision as much as this one reflects yours.


Gorgeous oversized plates in Tuscany gold bring a touch of the traditional fall look to your modern table setting. you can adorn each of the plates with a coconut shell mini plate, a single carnation, and reversible place cards. Simple flatware is all you’ll need.


you can use a light lavender paper as your tablecloth, to accentuate the crisp, clean look. Of course, any type of lavender or light mauve colored material will work as well. Matching napkins that mimic the lilac table linen is another simple touch.


A simple pale green rectangular sushi plate is transformed into a stunning autumn centerpiece using fresh flowers and fall produce. you can use green and purple thistle, a selection of beautiful yellow, cream and green gourds, and crisp white carnations.

Make the arrangement easily. Begin by soaking a rectangle of floral foam (which you can buy in bricks at any flower supply store) overnight. Place it onto the plate and simply stick the flowers in and mold out hollow spots to rest the fruit in.

For added support, the flower stems can be twinned with a thin wire and use the wire to poke into the floral foam for ample support. The same thing goes for the gourds — although you may want to use a thicker wire since the gourds have a tough skin.

Place cards:

you should cut out deep purple rectangles that compliment your light lavender backdrop. Using a silver pen, you can write the name of your guests on one side, and one the flip side wrote: “I’m Thankful For…” and left three blank spaces for guests to fill in what they are thankful for this year. Even if this is not a Thanksgiving dinner, this place card can provoke thoughtful conversation and a wonderful feeling of gratitude for the food you’re about to receive. Adorned with a single thistle bud in the corner, these simple cards become works of art.

Added Touches:

You can place votive candles around the dining table for evening gatherings. Also, try adding lilac and cream-colored ribbons into the centerpiece to complement the gourds and flowers. As an alternative to the plate-dressing, place a single gourd on each plate. Put a small slit into the gourds and insert the place cards.