5 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations

Bad news 2019 has already finished and gone, good news 2020 has come, with all the joy and happiness, parties and celebrations. And love spreading , that’s what we live for.

Valentine’s Day what a celebration! You might be confused to choose which destinations and which city is the best for this celebration, especially if it’s your first time.

Loud or quiet? Big or small? Expensive or modest? Fancy or casual? There are so many different choices all over the world for every one of us, it just depends on your mood and your style.

That’s why we tried to make it simple for you to choose. and we made this list of 5 most romantic cities for your Valentine’s Day,

1 – Paris, France

When it comes to Paris, there are many reasons to get yourself to the most romantic city in the world. “la ville de l’amour”

With beautiful parks, gardens, and museums I ensure you that you will have a romantic valentine’s day there, and believe me nothing can beat the thrill of enjoying the view of the Eiffel Tower. and don’t worry Paris hotels are really affordable than you might think.

And also with a history steeped in romanticism, and it’s a foodie’s paradise, it will definitely satisfy and satiate the fussiest of foodies.

2 – Barcelona, Spain

Spain is the second most visited country in the world after France, and Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain.

What makes Barcelona is a good destination for Valentine’s Day?

The Style: Barcelona is a stylish city without doubt, with luxurious places, hotels, restaurants, and malls.

The Food: it has a creative and eclectic scene. such as Paella and Tapas.

3 – Venice, Italy

Venice The “Floating City”, and ferries and boats are the only way of transport around the city, which make it so romantic and fascinating unique city.

There’s so much to see, from the breathtaking architecture to the Italian classy culture.

The Italian accent is one of the sexiest accents in the world, you might agree with me at this point.

The city has a variety of seafood and delicious local meals.

4 – Istanbul, Turkey

We all know Istanbul right! it is that very sexy city in turkey that straddles Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait, maintaining its status as the most beautiful and charming in the world with its 8,500-year history,

Its beautiful location which offers unique views to its visitors to enjoy and also take some non-resistant shots, joyful during all seasons,

5 – Charleston, United States

It’s a charming romantic city with colorful walls and streets, it is the most preferred destination for Americans inside the USA,

Charleston is a four-season destination, therefore, you can visit it when you want, especially for a romantic trip such as Valentine’s Day Trip.