9 Secret Accessories You Should Never Travel Without !!!

These Secret Travel Accessories Are Recommended By Travel Experts All Over The World So Pay Attention They Should Never Be Ignored Anymore and everyone should know the big benefits of them, As you know almost everyone enjoys traveling because we love seeing new places and visiting new destinations.

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You don’t want for sure to be stuck in a new place without some necessary comfort requirements. This is why you should take with you these travel accessories that will help you deal with the surprising situations during your travel trip.

9 – Clothing bag for travel

During our travel trips, we tend to discover so many places and destinations at ones, taking pictures, swimming in new seas, discovering jungles, and even getting close to some animals, and yes that is what travel about seeing new places and getting to know new cultures,

That’s why you should have a perfect travel bag to carry your tools and clothes and to keep them as safe as you can use clothes bags or a dress bag that can keep your clothes clean, for safety use zip lock bags for clothes.

8 – Travel Neck pillow

Airplanes are the most used during our travel vacations especially if we want to visit another country, sometimes the trip takes a long time, being in the airplane makes us exhausted, but the worst thing is that sometimes we suffer trying to get some sleep.

A neck pillow is an excellent tool to prevent this travel problem, just search online for the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain, and you will find it, with these comfortable pillows on the plane, you can get a good night’s sleep,

7 – Bottles

We all know the importance of water, you can’t travel without your personal water bottle, and you don’t want to be thirsty in the middle of a desert in Morocco or Senegal for example right!

If you can’t find a store to buy water bottles, it is so important to carry your own water bottle. Also, find bottles that will keep your water cool and safe for a long time, and the best ones are aluminum water bottles and sports glass water bottles.

6 – Wipes

Choosing a water faucet is not always an option, so what can you do then? Disinfectant wipes and face wipes are the best things to carry in your purse.

And if you have kids you definitely should take pampers baby wipes or pampers wet wipes they are the best,

5 – Branded Power Bank

In a world where everything is done through digital devices such as iPhones, Ipads Nikon or Canon cameras, it is important to have a good small power bank with durable and lasting power with a portable battery pack.
This will ensure that no new phone is left in the middle of a new city with no power,

4 – First Aid Kit

You can’t guess what’s gonna happen during your travel trip, you are going to face so many surprises, and you have to get yourself ready and awaken, discovering a jungle or a desert can be something dangerous especially for someone who is doing it for the first time,

That is why you should carry a simple and effective home first aid kit with you. This will help treat and bandage the injury in case of minor injuries and always try to get the best first aid kit you can.

3 – Waterproof phone cover

In any case, the waterproof cover protects your phone that means if the phone is submerged in water, especially for a beach trip, you can be sure that the phone will not be damaged. and you can also use it to take pictures underwater without worrying about the phone or the camera.

And the best way you can find a waterproof iPhone case or any high-quality phone waterproof cover is online, just do not buy Chinese products to prevent the low quality.

2 – Cardholders

Having a waterproof business card holder is very important to store your credit or debit cards because it is sure nobody wants to lose his personal credit card especially in a foreign country, the worst nightmare ever is losing your credit card, it is the only way get a nice hotel or a dinner with a beautiful beach view with your lover,
And the best cardholder you can get is the mont blanc cardholder.


Yes, It is so important to take with you something you can use to hide your personal stuff, and the best way to keep them safe away from anybody is in your boots.

Remember, Choosing and buying the right travel accessories will ensure that you can enjoy your journey without any setbacks.